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Ride Sharing vs. Traditional Taxis: How do Injury Insurance Claims Compare?

Ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber are aggressively expanding to new marketsthroughout the United States. These companies are directly competing with traditional taxi companies. The taxi companies, however, are fighting back with a strong public relations campaign painting the ride-sharing companies as a danger to the community as a whole, and the passenger in particular. Incredibly, […]

Two more crashes, four more deaths. Why are churches still using unsafe vans?

Decades of government advisories weren’t enough to save four people from being thrown from a 15-passenger church van that flipped on a Missouri highway this month. Three teenagers died. They were among eleven teens and two adults from Faith Chapel Assembly of God near Kansas City traveling to Arkansas when they crashed in southwestern Missouri. The driver and all other passengers were […]

More U.S. Kids Dying From Injuries

Murder, suicide, car crashes, and addiction have all contributed to a spike in deaths among U.S. children and teens in recent years, a government study suggests. The death rate for youth aged 10 to 19 rose 12 percent between 2013 and 2016, eroding a previous decline stretching back to 1999, according to the study from […]

Driving safely during the school year

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Safe driving should be the priority for drivers in New York, especially when the school year begins and traffic increases. When in heavy traffic, drivers should engage in the established safety practices like checking the mirrors and watching the taillights in front to anticipate dangers. Pedestrians and bicyclists can […]

Nationwide provides safe driving tips

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law New York drivers who want to reduce their chances of being in an accident will want to remember a few safety tips. While operating a vehicle, it’s important to focus on driving, drive defensively, plan ahead, and never neglect established safety practices. These practices include wearing a seat belt, […]

How drivers can avoid distracted driving accidents

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law  All drivers who share the roads in New York are at risk for becoming involved in car accidents, especially on streets that are particularly crowded and busy. However, there are some behaviors that drivers can learn to help them prevent a car accident. One of the easiest ways […]

Automated driving systems can miss roadway dangers

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law While electronic safety systems introduced into modern cars may give some New York drivers peace of mind, flaws in these systems can also cause risks to drivers and others on the roadway. For example, the technology in these cars may be unable to sense stopped vehicles. If drivers […]

Newly licensed teen drivers face many risks

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Teens are eight times more likely to get in a crash or near-miss collision in their first three months as licensed drivers than in the preceding three months. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the National Institutes for Health. The NIH has also stated that […]

August 2 the deadliest day for drivers in the U.S.

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Based on crash data spanning the years 2012 to 2016, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was able to conclude that August 2 is the single deadliest day for drivers in the U.S. A total of 505 people were killed on America’s roads during that five-year period. Drivers […]