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Being Prepared to Meet Your Attorney After a Motor Vehicle Accident

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Being Prepared to Meet Your Attorney After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Driving a car carries with it many responsibilities, such as obeying traffic laws and obtaining insurance.

So what sort of things is your attorney going to be interested in knowing, and what documents might he or she be interested in reviewing? The following is a checklist of items you might want to think about, and prepare for, before meeting your attorney for the first time.

Accident Information:

Are you prepared to explain the details of the accident?

Yes or No?

What day did the accident occur?

What time of day did the accident occur? 

What was the exact location of accident?

What was the weather like?

What was the roadway like (wet, dry smooth, pot-holed,etc.)?

Were other cars or people involved?

How did the accident occur?

Were police called to the scene?

Was a police report filed?

What traffic violations, if any, were you charged with?

Was an ambulance called to the scene? 

Were any photographs taken at the scene? 

Were any television or other media crews at the scene?

Are you prepared to provide information about witnesses

or other individuals involved in the accident?

Yes or No?

What are the names of witnesses or other involved parties?

Their relation to you, if any? 

Telephone Numbers:

License Plate Numbers: 

Are you prepared to provide information about your injuries?

Yes or No?

Medical Information:

Were you treated by emergency personnel?

Were you taken to a hospital? 

What was your immediate diagnosis?

What treatments were you initially provided? 

Did you have x-rays or other scans taken? 

Were you hospitalized? For how long? 

What follow-up or additional treatment have you had?

What are your present symptoms?

What is your present diagnosis?

What normal activities are you unable to do because of your injuries?

What are the names and locations of all hospitals, clinics, doctors,specialists,

chiropractors, physical therapists or other providers you have seen for your injuries,

including the names of providers who have referred you to other providers?

Who is your general or family physician? 

Have you ever had similar injuries in the past? 

Are you prepared to provide information about you?

Yes or No?

General Information:

Your age and birth-date?

Your address? 

Your telephone number?

Your social security number? 

Your marital status? 

Your children, if any? 

Your present employment, if any?

Your wages or salary?

Have you have missed time from work as a result of the accident?

Do you have a valid drivers’ license?

Do you have automobile insurance? 

Who is your insurer? 

Have you previously been involved in any car accidents?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Are you prepared to provide information about your car?

Yes or No?

Information About Property Damage:

Make and model of car?


Is there a lien-holder or bank interest in the car?

How long have you owned the car?

What is the working condition of the car?

When was your car last serviced or seen by a mechanic? 

What damages were sustained to your car during the accident? 

Have you received an estimate for the damages?

Did your car have any damages, dings or dents prior to the accident?

Do you have photographs of you car both before, and after, the accident?

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