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Case Results

Many lawyers talk a good game, but the proof is in the results. While past results cannot predict future success, they frequently serve as an excellent indicator of the type of service and representation you can expect. If you have been seriously injured in an accident on Staten Island, in Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York City, be sure that you choose an attorney who has experience with your type of case and will fight to secure full and fair compensation on your behalf.


At Orin J. Cohen Law, I offer my clients more than 30 years of experience in the resolution of complex personal injury cases. Take a moment to review the case results below and contact my office to discuss your case in more detail. I offer a free initial consultation where you can get honest answers to your questions and learn more about how I can help you.


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$ 1000000

Recovered $1 million for a window washer who suffered a serious fall from a ladder.

I recovered $1.1 million for a postal carrier who fell down a flight of stairs after the plastic cover on the stairs came loose.


I recovered $1 million for a construction worker who suffered a fractured ankle in a construction equipment accident.


I recovered $1 million for a window washer who suffered a serious fall from a ladder.


I recovered $500,000 in a pedestrian knockdown case involving a 12-year-old girl who was struck by a bus while crossing in the middle of the block.


I recovered $475,000 in an intersection collision where my client suffered an ankle fracture in an accident that occurred when a negligent driver made an illegal turn on Richmond Avenue on Staten Island.


I recovered $400,000 for a client who fell on the ice in front of a bank.


I recovered $340,000 for the victims of a rear-end collision involving a mother who was hit while taking her children to school.


I recovered $295,000 in a nursing home negligence case for a client who fell in the bathroom of a nursing home.


I recovered $250,000 for a client who tripped over raised cement.


I recovered $250,000 in the wrongful death of a pedestrian who was knocked down in a crosswalk.


I recovered $250,000 for a passenger in a car that was injured in left-turn accident.


I recovered $220,000 for a 90-year-old woman who tripped over a box at fruit stand.


I recovered $125,000 in a pool accident involving a slip-and-fall in a restroom that resulted in my client suffering a wrist fracture.


I recovered $110,000 for a client who fell on a roadway that was being milled outside her house.


I recovered $100,000 for a client who fell over raised cement near a manhole in a New York City roadway.


Results are for informational purposes only. Prior results cannot predict future recovery.

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