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Wrongful Death

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Protecting Your Family’s Interests When A Loved One Is Taken From You


A fatal accident is a catastrophe for any family. Like a bomb blast, it destroys precious plans and expectations — a breadwinner is taken, or a loving caregiver, or a young child. Everything changes, and families are forced to struggle to go forward again.


In addition to personal injury cases, attorney Orin J. Cohen represents surviving Staten Island, New York City and Brooklyn family members in wrongful death actions. These accidents occur on our streets and highways, in the workplace, on business premises, and in health care and nursing facilities.


Understanding Wrongful Death Suits In New York


New York law states that a wrongful death case may be brought by the personal representative of the person who has died. This representative is appointed by the surrogate’s court — typically a spouse or another relative of the decedent. The personal representative prosecutes the case and at the end presents the wrongful death settlement to the court for approval.


Compensation is limited to economic damages for those dependent upon the deceased person and to a claim for the victim’s pain and suffering. Wrongful death suits do not compensate survivors for grief.


Wrongful death law is subtle and complex — you need an attorney who is versed in these complexities. The right to seek compensation for wrongful death is set forth in the New York Estates, Powers and Trust Laws, or EPTL. Your lawyer must prove “pecuniary loss,” the loss of support for the immediate family as a result of lost earnings. Families are also entitled to damages for personal loss to the spouse and to the children. When a child dies, you may file a claim for loss of services to the parents.


Financial Compensation For Staten Island Families


When appropriate, I work with financial analysts to arrive at a dollar value for your loved one. I understand that money is no replacement, but I do my best to obtain maximum compensation for you, for your future.


For more than three decades, Orin J. Cohen has been working to compensate Staten Island families that have lost loved ones to negligence. I know how important this compensation is to you, financially and emotionally, as a way to achieve closure.


Insurance companies are not your friend. They employ adjusters and lawyers who are skilled at denying you compensation for your loss. You do not want to deal with them on your own. I invite you today to discuss your loss by fatal accident. You will find me to be empathetic and discreet. I work behind the scenes, communicating with you to the degree you indicate.


Orin J. Cohen Law is conveniently located at Victory Boulevard and Clove Road. If you are unable to come to us, I can come to you, at your home or hospital bed. Schedule a no-charge, no-obligation appointment at 718-448-2889.

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