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Truck Accidents

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Holding Truck Drivers And Trucking Companies Accountable In Serious Truck Accidents


Truck accidents in Brooklyn, New York City and on Staten Island are usually much more destructive than a car-to-car collision. Two-ton passenger cars are at the mercy of tractor-trailers weighing 40 tons or more. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the truck driver may be overtired and undertrained, and the truck may be unfit to be on the road.


Injuries may include limb amputation, broken and crushed bones, traumatic brain damage, severe burns and quadriplegia. Too often these accidents are fatal, killing individuals and even whole families.


My firm has successfully represented clients injured by construction vehicles, delivery trucks, subway trains, buses and other oversized vehicles. If you have suffered serious injury because of negligence involving any kind of commercial vehicle, call 718-448-2889.


Compensation For Truck Accident Injuries To New Yorkers


Some accidents are truly accidents, with no one at fault. Very often, however, they result from owner negligence; reckless, drunk or drowsy driving; nonfunctioning safety equipment; inadequate vehicle maintenance; or badly loaded or overloaded cargo.


When negligence is a factor in your injury, call Staten Island lawyer Orin J. Cohen for experienced representation. Attorney Cohen is skilled in obtaining evidence from trucking company logs, black boxes, police reports and eyewitness interviews.


Fact: In recent years, New York state has seen about 5,000 serious crashes annually. (Source: U.S. Department of Transportation)


You Need Skilled Representation Against Well-Heeled Trucking Companies


Trucking companies often cut corners to stay on schedule. Insurance companies are reluctant to write big checks. But armed with a skilled lawyer, your case for maximum compensation has an excellent chance of success.


Contact Orin J. Cohen Law at 718-448-2889 and tell me about your injury, at no cost or obligation to you. Because “A good recovery is no accident.™”

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