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Scaffold Falls

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Fighting For Construction Workers Injured In Scaffolding Accidents


Workers face significant risks when they are elevated on a scaffold, work platform or any other type of construction equipment. Falls can result in broken and crushed bones, severing of the spinal cord, severe brain injury, open head wounds, lacerations, and contusions. For many workers, a serious fall will end their working lives. In many cases, these falls prove fatal.


Knowledgeable Representation For Serious Construction Accidents


At Orin J. Cohen Law, I represent construction workers injured in scaffolding accidents and falls on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. This includes thousands of people in many lines of work, from facilities workers and painters to window washers and tree trimmers. Many of my clients were working on construction sites when they fell or were struck by a falling object.


Strict New York And Federal Standards For Scaffold Safety


New York Labor Law section 240 (1) is a special law pertaining to scaffold falls in New York. This law provides a special right of recovery to workers injured while working at a dangerous elevation. This law governs both falls by workers and injuries caused by falling objects.


When contractors or owners fail to obey the terms of section 240 and this failure results in injuries to workers, the contractors and owners are liable. It takes a skilled and experienced scaffold injury lawyer to show that a violation of the standards occurred and that an injury or fatality resulted.


In addition, the state of New York and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stipulate requirements for the use of scaffolds.


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Maximum Compensation For Injuries From Falls


The cases I file are not workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ comp may cover initial medical costs, vocational rehabilitation and some lost income, but it will not cover all costs related to your injury. Only a lawsuit against the negligent party can do that.


The suits my firm files may be against a business, an individual or a government entity. I seek total compensation for all the time lost from work and all related medical costs, plus compensation for the pain and suffering your injury has caused you.


Orin J. Cohen Law, located at Victory Boulevard and Clove Road, has been committed to the needs of injured individuals for more than 30 years. Clients look to my firm for knowledge of the law and an aggressive approach to obtaining maximum compensation.


The Time To Act Is Now


Call attorney Orin J. Cohen today to discuss your injury and the strength of your construction accident case. The consultation will cost you nothing, and there is no obligation. Schedule an appointment at 718-448-2889. If you are unable to come to my office, I can come to you, at your home or hospital bed.

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