A Champion In The Fight Against Nursing Home Abuse In New York City

Nursing home brochures portray them as being part of the Staten Island or Brooklyn community and committed to families. Many of them, however, are really run by shell corporations headquartered outside New York. Quality care is not their primary concern. While individuals working there may be committed to residents’ well-being, the business itself is looking to save money at every turn.

For-Profit Nursing Homes Sometimes Cut Corners

When money takes precedence over people, abuses occur. There are many nursing home horror stories in which residents:

  • Are not fed or miss meals or are fed poorly
  • Are not given their proper medications
  • Are allowed to fall and injure themselves
  • Are allowed to wander on the grounds or even leave the premises
  • Do not get their bed sores and other wounds treated, fostering serious infection
  • Become dehydrated
  • Are distraught or fearful
  • Are robbed of money and personal property
  • Are emotionally, physically or even sexually abused

Fighting Nursing Home Abuse On Staten Island And In New York City

At Orin J. Cohen Law, I step in when loved ones on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and across New York City are mistreated in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It’s not right for these corporations to enrich themselves while neglecting the family members you have entrusted with their care. Lawyer Orin J. Cohen aims aggressively to win maximum compensation for you, to punish unethical nursing home companies and to send a message to the industry that this neglect must not be allowed.

I invite you to contact me today to discuss your nursing home neglect case. You will find me empathetic, diligent and committed to protecting your loved one’s dignity and well-being.

No Payment Unless I Effect Successful Recovery

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are taken on a strict contingency fee basis. Orin J. Cohen Law does not charge attorney fees for this work. If I am successful in obtaining damages, I take a fraction of the recovery. If there is no recovery, I take no payment at all.

Orin J. Cohen Law is located at Victory Boulevard and Clove Road. If you are unable to come to my office, I can visit you where you are, anywhere on Staten Island or in the city.

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