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Seeking Compensation For New York City Dog Bite Victims


Many people see their dogs as harmless pets. However, according to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year across the United States. This results in hundreds of thousands of hospital visits for bite victims annually. Although any given dog bite can result in serious injuries and emotional distress for victims, it can be especially tragic when small children are involved. Unfortunately, children are especially prone to this type of injury.


Regardless of whether you or your child is the victim, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. At Orin J. Cohen Law, as part of my broad representation of victims in the area of personal injury law, I represent dog bite victims on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and across New York City. With over 30 years of experience representing victims, I will work vigorously to protect your rights and secure fair compensation on your behalf.


Owners Of Dangerous Dogs Are Liable For Bites


With certain exceptions, New York law considers a dog to be “dangerous” and its owner to be liable if the dog attacks a person while unprovoked or “behaves in a manner which a reasonable person would believe poses a serious and unjustified imminent threat of serious physical injury or death.” Under the law, New York owners of dangerous dogs are responsible for the victim’s medical costs. In some cases, victims are entitled to recover other forms of compensation in addition to their medical expenses.


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Because New York dog bite law is complex, yet nuanced, it is important to have an attorney on your side, especially if you are seeking to recover compensation beyond your medical bills. At Orin J. Cohen Law, we will deal with the insurance companies and paperwork, allowing you to focus your time on healing and resuming a normal life. To take the first step toward obtaining the best recovery possible, contact our Staten Island office at 718-448-2889 or by email to arrange a free consultation.

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