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Car Accidents

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Results-Oriented Representation For New York City Car Accident Victims


If you are injured in a car accident, several important questions may be running through your head. You may be wondering what you should do next, how you will pay your medical expenses and whether you may recover compensation from the driver responsible for the accident.


The good news is when these accidents occur due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to be fully compensated for any losses you suffer as a result. Since these are complex cases that can be difficult to resolve, be sure that you have a qualified personal injury attorney with the ability to protect your interests.


At Orin J. Cohen Law, I represent injury victims on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and across New York City. I have more than 30 years of experience obtaining favorable results for car crash victims.


Aggressive Representation In Every Kind Of Auto Accident Claim


No matter what type of auto accident you were involved in or what type of injury you may have suffered, you can rely on me to pursue every available option in an effort to secure the best available outcome on your behalf. I conduct thorough investigations so that I can present the most compelling possible case in support of your claim for damages.


I have successfully represented clients in cases involving all types of car accidents, including:


Rear-end accidents — Rear-end accidents often cause whiplash or severe brain injury.


Head-on collisions — Head-on collisions are among the most serious types of car accidents, often resulting in severe injuries or death.


T-bone accidents — This type of car accident often results from a negligent driver making an unsafe left turn or running a stop sign or red light.


Rollover accidents — Rollover accidents often involve vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as a SUV or pickup truck. In such cases, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the negligent driver or, if there was a design flaw in your vehicle that made it prone to rollovers, the manufacturer of your car.


Drunk driving accidents — Responsible for approximately one-third of traffic deaths in the United States, drunk driving also is a significant cause of car accident injuries.


Hit-and-run accidents — It may be more difficult for victims to get compensation in hit-and-run accidents. However, I will work with police to locate the responsible party and, if necessary, help you obtain compensation from your insurance provider.


Injuries to passengers — If you are injured as a passenger, you are entitled to fair compensation. I will work on your behalf to resolve the complicated insurance issues that often result.


Uninsured/Underinsured motorist claims — If you are injured by an uninsured/underinsured driver, you may be entitled to recover compensation under your insurance policy.


Defective road design — Sound roadway design and regular maintenance are vital in ensuring roadway safety. If you were injured because of negligent road maintenance, obstructed signage, defective traffic control devices or other roadway flaws, I will work to hold state and local governments accountable.


Road construction accidents — Road construction crews have a duty to act in a safe manner to avoid accidents or injuries. If you are injured because of crew negligence, you are entitled to recover the losses you sustained because of the accident.


These and other types of car accidents have many causes — everything from poor driving conditions because of bad weather to driver inattention or negligence. Additionally, these accident types range in complexity as to who is responsible for the accident. In some cases, several parties may potentially be held liable for the accident.


Steps To Take After A Car Accident


Even injuries that appear minor can be serious. Sometimes injuries do not appear for days or weeks after an accident. After any car accident, make sure you get medical attention. It is important to get evaluated by a medical professional, even if your injuries seem minor.


Gather photos of the scene if possible. Photographic evidence will help document the circumstances surrounding the crash.


Get a copy of the police report. The police report will also contain important information, including the names of the parties involved.


Call my office to get help from an experienced personal injury attorney.


Obtaining The Money You Need To Go Forward


I know your car crash injury has had a profound impact on your health, life and finances. I use my knowledge and skill to identify the parties responsible for the accident and pursue maximum compensation for your losses. I analyze the financial cost of lost income, medical bills and rehabilitation as well as the physical and psychological impact associated with being injured. I have fought for many clients in the same situation as you and obtained the money they needed to move on with their lives.


I fight to ensure that my clients obtain the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Recently, I recovered the following on behalf of my clients:


Recent Car Accident Injury Outcomes

Rear-end collision

Intersection collision

Pedestrian knockdown




Results are for informational purposes only. Prior results cannot predict future recovery.


Insurance companies are not your friend. You need an assertive, knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to fight back. Talk to attorney Orin J. Cohen at 718-448-2889 or send an email to arrange a free initial consultation.

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