Driving safely during the school year

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law

Safe driving should be the priority for drivers in New York, especially when the school year begins and traffic increases. When in heavy traffic, drivers should engage in the established safety practices like checking the mirrors and watching the taillights in front to anticipate dangers.

Pedestrians and bicyclists can also appear unexpectedly, with the former sometimes darting out where there is no crosswalk and the latter pulling up into blind spots. Drivers should also watch out for cars pulling out of driveways, alleyways and parking garages. Also, sticking to familiar routes whenever possible is encouraged.

Sharing the road with school buses requires that drivers know a few rules. When school buses turn on their yellow lights, drivers are required to slow down. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to slow down whenever a school bus is nearby. When a bus has its red lights on and stop arm extended, drivers are required to stop. It’s illegal to pass them when they are stopped on an undivided highway.

Drivers are recommended to keep a 10-foot safety zone surrounding school buses. They should look out for children not just around buses but in school zones and at crosswalks. Most importantly, motorists must never engage in distracted driving.

Unfortunately, with so many people using their phones behind the wheel, distracted driving is a major contributor to auto accidents in New York. An accident victim who wishes to file a personal injury claim may want to hire a lawyer. Legal counsel could have the case investigated and have experts gather proof before proceeding to negotiations for a settlement.

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