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How Data & Analytics Are Helping Insurers With Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Initial estimates of the damage caused by Hurricane Florence are expected to total approximately $20 billion, as residents of the Carolinas and Virginia are faced with cleanup and recovery. The Carolinas experienced historic flood levels, according to Moody’s Analytics. Mark Zandi, chief economist for the firm, said the flooding was more extensive than anticipated because […]

Dog bite disasters: Tips for treating dog bites

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law posted in blog on Monday, April 9, 2018. Every time you ride your bike in your neighborhood, you see a local pet who barks at you. The dog always seemed a little aggressive, but you never thought that it would hurt you. That was in the past, though. Today, you were […]

Uneven sidewalks could be risky for bikers, joggers and others

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law When people think about sidewalk injuries, they probably think about pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles or perhaps a snow-related slip-and-fall incident. However, the potential risks of sidewalks are not limited to only the winter months. The sidewalks themselves can cause injuries and even deaths to unsuspecting people who […]

Delayed abdominal pain after a car accident is serious

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Many of the injuries that a person might suffer in a car accident do not cause pain immediately. In some instances, these injuries may go undiscovered for some time, until they worsen and become painful. In some cases, this leaves victims with very little time to seek treatment. […]

Falling ice during thaws could result in premises liability

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law The winter in New York brings with it all kinds of serious risks. The potential for motor vehicle crashes increase due to holiday drinking, as well as inclement weather that can leave roads slippery and dangerous. Sidewalks and parking lots can become risky places if ice and snow […]