Nationwide provides safe driving tips

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law

New York drivers who want to reduce their chances of being in an accident will want to remember a few safety tips. While operating a vehicle, it’s important to focus on driving, drive defensively, plan ahead, and never neglect established safety practices.

These practices include wearing a seat belt, securing any cargo that will move around and having items like garage passes within easy reach. When drivers plan ahead, they should leave some time for food and rest breaks. Before they head out, they should adjust their seat, mirrors and climate setting. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the road when drowsy and to be extra careful during deer season.

Speeding should always be avoided, especially in low-speed areas like school zones. When a school bus stops and expands its stop arm, drivers must stop. They should also pull over and stop when they hear a police car or fire engine coming down the road.

Winter brings with it certain challenges. Drivers should watch out for shaded areas, which ice up quickly, and provide twice the space they normally give to the vehicles in front of them (a 4-second cushion is advisable in bad weather).

Failing to obey traffic laws, operating while impaired and taking one’s eyes off the road are all signs of negligent driving. When negligence is behind an auto accident, the victim can seek legal counsel and determine if they have the grounds for a personal injury claim. Damages may be calculated based on how much the victim contributed to the accident. A lawyer can help by hiring third parties to gather the police report and other evidence, negotiating for a settlement and litigating in the last resort.

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