When people are injured working at a home

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When people in New York are injured in an incident on someone else’s property, they may wonder who is liable for the resulting damages. This is especially true when it was the other party’s negligence that led to the injuries in the first place. One issue that can arise from time to time is the potential for injury to a person who was hired by a homeowner to perform work on the property. This could be someone hired to babysit, mow the lawn, clean the gutters, take care of the house or otherwise handle tasks for pay.

When a person is hired to work at someone’s house on a one-off basis, he or she is considered an invitee for the purposes of premises liability law. Invitees are people who are invited to enter a person’s property for some benefit to the owner. For example, customers at a store are also invitees. These are the people to whom property owners have the highest level of responsibility. A homeowner has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the work being done, to maintain the property properly for the type of work and to warn of any dangers.

Property owners can also have a responsibility for other people on the property known as licensees. These include social guests, family members and other people allowed to be on the property without a financial benefit to the owner. Licensees cannot be injured willfully, and property owners have a responsibility to warn their guests about dangers.

People who work in someone’s home have a right to expect a safe environment for their jobs. When someone is injured at a home due to the property owner’s negligence, he or she might consult with a personal injury lawyer. An may be able to help them pursue a claim for their damages under premises liability law.

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