Automated driving systems can miss roadway dangers

While electronic safety systems introduced into modern cars may give some New York drivers peace of mind, flaws in these systems can also cause risks to drivers and others on the roadway. For example, the technology in these cars may be unable to sense stopped vehicles. If drivers don’t keep their own eyes and attention on the roads, they could be steered too easily into a dangerous car accident.

In a paper released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, researchers detailed their tests of five safety systems in cars by Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. In some cases, the technology could save lives from dangerous motor vehicle crashes. However, the systems were also susceptible to failures. When testing the technologies in two Tesla vehicles, researchers turned off adaptive cruise control but kept automatic braking on. While the vehicles still avoided some crash possibilities, they did hit a stationary balloon. With cruise control activated, the Teslas performed far better in the braking tests.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 was the only car in the test that properly responded to stopped vehicles ahead on the road. The technologies used in the tests were those regarded as the best in class, and researchers said that while safety was improved with the systems enabled, they were not 100 percent reliable. They warned that drivers may not understand that they have to retain active control of their cars, even with the systems activated.

When people fail to control their cars while driving, they put not only themselves but others on the road at risk of severe injuries or even death in car accidents. A personal injury lawyer may work with people hurt by another driver’s negligent or dangerous behavior to pursue compensation for their damages including lost wages and medical bills.

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