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When people are injured working at a home

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law When people in New York are injured in an incident on someone else’s property, they may wonder who is liable for the resulting damages. This is especially true when it was the other party’s negligence that led to the injuries in the first place. One issue that can […]

Three ways for homeowners to improve pool safety

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law New York residents with a swimming pool know that keeping it secure is a big responsibility. The CDC estimates that there are 7.4 million pools and 5 million hot tubs on residential and public properties in the U.S. It also claims that over 3,500 Americans die in non-boating […]

What a slip and fall entails for business owners

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Business owners in New York, even those who run a small business, know how costly it can get to uphold their duty of care to customers and employees. They must ensure that all entrants are safe when on their property, so there is the cost of maintenance and […]

Roller coaster crash in Florida now under investigation

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Residents of New York may have heard about the roller coaster accident that occurred at an amusement park down in Daytona Beach. The incident is still under investigation, so the details are still few. On the night of Thursday, June 14, the Sand Blaster ride derailed and caused […]

Dog bite claims rise among homeowners

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Dog owners in New York should be aware of the dangers that their pet can pose to themselves, their family and others. Dog bite claims made up one-third of all homeowner liability insurance claims in 2017, with an average pay-out of just above $37,000. The American Veterinary Medical […]

Dog bite disasters: Tips for treating dog bites

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law posted in blog on Monday, April 9, 2018. Every time you ride your bike in your neighborhood, you see a local pet who barks at you. The dog always seemed a little aggressive, but you never thought that it would hurt you. That was in the past, though. Today, you were […]

Tennis player achieves settlement after slip-and-fall accident

On behalf of Orin Cohen of Orin J. Cohen Law Several years after a slip-and-fall accident at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City caused her a serious head injury, a Canadian tennis player has settled a premises liability lawsuit with the United States Tennis Association. Eugenie Bouchard, once ranked as one of the […]